Are Marketing and Sales the same thing?

Are Marketing and Sales the same thing?

Marketing and Sales can often be mistaken for the same process in a business—after all, they share the same goal: to generate more revenue.

With Sales, you’ll have conversations with your prospects, offer them a product or service, and then close that all important deal. Pretty simple, right? Maybe not. Arguably, without interweaving marketing throughout the sales process, your efforts will only be as good as the next sales person. In order to have those conversations with the right prospects, you’ll have needed to generate awareness and interest through advertising, promotions, and publicity. In order to solve that persons problem and make the sale, you’ll have needed to fit the product or service to the right market in terms of features, price, packaging and distribution channels.

The problem is businesses often only think of accelerating their marketing efforts around three key situations: when they are in a startup mode, when they need to increase business growth, or when they lose their biggest client due to a competitor having the advantage. But regardless of what situation your business is in, marketing isn’t just about selling your products and services. It’s about attracting customers with strong marketing communications, and then keeping customers by exceeding their expectations with phenomenal experiences. This will help repeat business, gain loyalty, and drive customer referrals.

If Sales and Marketing are both working towards the same goal to generate more sales and help a business grow, then it makes sense for them to work together. Marketing will assist your sales team with customer insights, help attract and educate prospects, increase the efficiency of your sales process, generate qualified leads, and help improve close rates. It’s a no brainer.

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