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With extensive experience in the UK telecoms channel, we simplify and refine your partner ecosystem so you can unlock the power of your partnerships.

Strategic go-to-market support

A solid GTM strategy is critical for success and builds long-term loyalty amongst partners. We work with you to develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific partner ecosystem, services, and end customer profiles.

From co-brandable assets, incentive programmes, recruiting tactics, and joint marketing campaigns, we bring a deep understanding of channel dynamics so your partners can quickly ramp up pipeline.

Crafting value propositions

Your partners need to show customers how they create value and address their key problems. That means having a clear, concise value proposition that resonates. But cutting through the noise in a busy market isn’t easy.

We help you map out the advantages for your partners’ end customers, speaking directly to their pain points and motivations.

Streamlined partner activation and onboarding

We’ll become part of your team, clarifying your initial onboarding processes and providing everything you need to get partners up and running quickly.

Smooth processes mean fewer delays and minimal friction, so your partners enjoy speedy access to your solutions and tools, and accelerate time-to-market. And you get an easy way to activate high-quality partners at scale, with minimum hassle.

Partner programmes built for the channel

Many businesses neglect their partner programmes. Which means they’re missing out on the chance to improve customer acquisition and retention, increase brand credibility, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Instead of just paying lip service to your partner programme, we help you and your partners get the most out of it. We design and launch incentive, tiering, reward, and MDF initiatives; deliver helpful training materials; and track programme metrics so you can see what’s working.

Content creation and campaigns

With a suite of strong co-branded marketing assets – like sales decks, product sheets, battlecards, landing pages, and case studies – in your toolkit, you’ll take your partner support to the next level.

We design and deliver versatile white label content that alway keeps the end user in mind. We can support you to execute strategic campaigns and reporting, and run training sessions or webinars to ensure your partners get optimum results from their marketing tools.

Channel marketing automation

Juggling a large customer database and full marketing tech stack can be a headache. We handle it all for you, implementing user-friendly partner marketing automation and PRM platforms that make life simpler.

We build nurture streams, lead distribution, and pipeline management processes that enable you to scale your partner ecosystem, boost partner productivity, and give them a superior experience.

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Revamping a partner programme when it
mattered most

“I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the phenomenal team at F6, who played a crucial role in the success of our recent merger project. Their professionalism, talent, and dedication to delivering excellence is truly impressive.

Despite the urgency of the project, F6 wrapped up the initial phase within a tight timeframe, and delivered a robust visual identity and a suite of assets that positions us for continued success.”

Kerry Barnard

Senior Marketing Manager, TalkTalk Wholesale Services

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Partner marketing is a powerful way to get the most out of relationships between your business and your customers. It involves creating strategic co-marketing strategies, tactics, and resources that align to promote your products or services to a mutual target audience. This could include affiliate marketing, co-branding, distribution partnerships, and joint product offerings.

It’s a cost-efficient way to extend your marketing reach, tap into new markets, ensure customer loyalty, and access extra sales channels. All of which leads to greater brand awareness, more deals from your existing base, more partners in your ecosystem, and more opportunities to grow your revenue.

Typically, when done right, partner marketing can increase the number of new marketing-qualified leads, boost sales conversion rates, give you access to new customer segments, and deliver scalable revenue growth from direct sales channels. It’s a great way to optimise your existing customer relationships for mutual benefits – and it’s essential in the telecoms channel.

We look at key metrics like:

  • New partner acquisitions
  • Partner activation rates
  • Partner-sourced leads/ pipeline
  • Partner-influenced revenue
  • ROI of joint marketing initiatives
  • Partner satisfaction scores
  • Overall indirect channel revenue contribution

These are a smart way to motivate your partners to prioritise your products or services over alternative providers’. Using rewards, incentives, MDF funds, and other promotions, partner incentive programmes strengthen partner loyalty and encourage cross-selling, renewal management, and increased commitment. Often, businesses gamify their partner incentive programmes, creating a competitive and engaging way for partners to get involved.

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