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User experience (UX) design

The structure and design of your website should make things as easy for the user as possible, with intuitive navigation and accessible content.

We help you get your UX spot-on, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions.

Mobile responsiveness

As more of us access websites via smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s crucial for sites to be responsive.

We design websites that are compatible across all platforms, giving every user an optimal viewing experience and avoiding frustratingly slow load times or lagging.

Content quality and SEO

High-quality content is essential not only for engaging users but also for improving search engine rankings.

We create strategic messaging and compelling copy that tells your brand story, conveys your USP, and encourages conversions. And we optimise for SEO to ensure your target audience can easily find your website.

Speed and performance

We’ll do all the work in the back-end so your website loads quickly, with optimised image sizes, caching, and a reliable web hosting service.

And we’ll stay on top of everything, with regular performance testing, maintenance, and analysis.

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Streamlining in-house website management for a local business

“F6 have been a great partner to Kingston First. We have benefited from the team’s support in developing our website and now their ongoing support to maintain it. F6 effectively engaged with us from the outset to understand our mission and get under the skin of our brief. This approach, coupled with fresh creative ideas and technical skills enabled them to deliver a project we were very pleased with. Thank you F6.

Kirsten Henly

Chief Executive, Kingston First

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Web design focuses on the visuals and usability of a website – aspects like layout, colour scheme, and user experience. Web development includes this and more, like taking care of the coding and programming that powers the website’s functionality and ensures it operates smoothly.

This depends on each individual project and the website’s complexity. A simple website could take a few weeks to design and build, while a complex, feature-rich site could take a few months to develop properly.

Responsive design ensures a website’s layout and content adjust smoothly to various screen sizes. So viewers get a great experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Adaptive design involves creating different layouts for different devices.

Yes, making your website SEO-friendly is crucial because it helps your site rank higher in search engine results, leading to more traffic and potentially more business or engagement with users.

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