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Align with your customers' needs and grow your bottom line

Whether you’re penetrating new markets or powering up your customer acquisition, we help drive profitable, scalable growth.

Advertising campaigns

We deliver campaigns full of fresh ideas and collaborative creativity across a range of channels, from print and broadcast to digital PPC campaigns and Out of Home publicity.

And we don’t stop when your ad is out in the world. You’ll get regular updates on performance, and we’ll measure success against your key metrics.

Email campaigns

Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools you can use. But it needs to be done strategically.

We take time to segment your database and craft personalised emails. Meticulous design, enticing subject lines, and compelling copy get people reading – and keep them reading.

Trade show and event marketing

Exhibiting at trade shows and speaking at conferences is a highly effective way to maximise exposure and network within specific sectors. But it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd.

We support you to optimise ROI from events, with eye-catching stand and venue designs, compelling collateral, and innovative ways of grabbing prospects’ attention.

Webinars and virtual events

Virtual events help you engage new prospects and cement credibility with existing customers, without the expense or hassle of hiring venues.

We’ll help you organise and host your webinar, ensuring your brand is seen in the best possible light by a wide audience and positioning your team members as thought leaders across the telecoms, IoT, or tech industries.

Valuable content

It’s not enough to just shout about your service or product, you need content that delivers real value.

We’ll craft content that’s valuable and helps your target customers find solutions to their problems. Through lead magnets such as eBooks, or white papers, we’ll give them what they need, and warm them up for a sales commitment.

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Using webinars to bolster relationships and secure a £1.44m ROI

“Among many projects we’ve seen success with while working with F6, a particular standout project netted us a total projected ROI of £1.44m. F6 strategically used a series of webinars to enhance Telefónica’s relationship with key clients and secure our partner programme a spot at the top of our industry.

Candice leads her business from the front, with a team of truly talented individuals that deliver fantastic work on time, every time, and always on budget. Creative, innovative ideas are never in short supply.

Bernie McPhillips

Head of m2m Authorised Distributor Channel, Telefónica

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Still have questions about lead generation?
No problem, we’ve got answers.

This type of marketing strategy and tactic involves reaching out to potential customers who have shown some interest in what you offer. We use a range of tactics all strategically selected to deliver top-quality leads that are likely to convert into sales.

Advertising is more of an ‘outbound’ strategy that’s all about casting a wide net and reaching an untargeted audience. It’s a great way to quickly increase brand awareness as it has a high impact and garners wide exposure.

The marketing methods we choose will depend on your individual project – what your aims and objectives are, the time frame, your budget, and how it aligns with your wider business goals. But typically we use lead generation tactics that include:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Webinars
  • Lead tracking
  • Events
  • Digital content

Yes, we can segment your customer database according to industry, company size, location etc., and use account-based marketing (ABM), content marketing, and strategic advertising to target specific markets. This means we can tailor our messaging and outreach efforts to ensure they resonate with this audience, enhancing engagement and conversion.

This is where our strategic expertise and collaborative approach come into their own! We always start by listening to your aims and objectives, then we undertake detailed audience research. This informs which channels we select – sometimes that’s a mix of digital and traditional channels, and sometimes it’s one particular channel. If it’s within the scope of the project, we can run A/B tests to evaluate the effectiveness of different channels and media.

Once the campaign is up and running we use analytics and tracking tools to monitor performance in real-time. We look at key metrics like reach, engagement, conversion rates, and ROI, then optimise our strategy based on this data. You’ll receive a full report after the agreed period, so you can benchmark our outbound marketing and advertising strategies against your initial KPIs.

We know how frustrating it can be when campaigns perform poorly, your emails gather dust unread, and you can’t reach the customers you need to attract. That’s why we tailor every project to engage and convert high quality leads across different channels. We bring a deep understanding of the telecoms and IoT world, and have extensive experience running campaigns aimed at the channel, partners, and end users. We undertake comprehensive research and assess what’s currently working well, and what could be improved. Then we create finely honed strategies designed to get the results you need.

Absolutely! Competitive analysis is a crucial part of our lead generation strategy. We examine your competitors’ tactics, messaging, and positioning so we can gain insights into opportunities and potential gaps, industry trends, and customer preferences.

This allows us to differentiate your business and ensure our messaging stands out – which ultimately drives more engagement and conversions. Skip this and you’re likely to miss out.

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