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When ‘spray and pray' just won't cut it

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective campaigns – we help you build customer loyalty, uplift sales, and see more ROI.

Why ABM?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a powerful strategy in our marketing toolbox, enabling us to deliver tailored outreach to your key accounts.

With a targeted, personalised approach you also build trust and deepen relationships with your customers, and drive higher-value deals.

Tailored campaigns

Forget haphazard spend and send – our ABM services are all about long-term loyalty and high-value deals.

Once we’ve identified the targets, we craft personalised messaging and create content that addresses their pain points and shows you truly understand their world. This could include customised emails, website content, whitepapers, or case studies.

Account identification and profiling

We work with your sales team to find decision-makers who could use your particular service or product to get a job done. Then we conduct extensive research on each target account so we understand their needs, processes, and challenges.

Through this collaboration we align our ABM strategy with your business goals and ideal customer profile.

Metrics and measurement

We deploy this content across carefully selected channels, chosen specifically as the most effective way to reach and engage your target accounts.

Then we constantly monitor the performance against agreed metrics and KPIs. We turn this data into insights for improvement and future campaigns.

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Helping a client deliver £2.5m potential revenue for their partners

“We wanted to show our partners the opportunities in providing LTE-M with us, and educate them on the massive value we could bring. This was a reactive, fast campaign responding to market dynamics, and F6 quickly devised a strategy to help us make maximum impact. They created and executed highly personalised ABM messaging and content for partners who otherwise would have been left in the dark. Thanks to F6’s smart thinking and expertise we helped partners unlock lucrative new opportunities, with potential orders for 250k SIMs and projected £2.5m of additional revenue.

Rich Crossingham

Business Development Director, Pangea Connected

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Instead of casting a wide net, ABM is a strategy that targets and engages specific high-value accounts. It involves creating and implementing personalised outreach and tailored content that addresses the unique needs of these key businesses and decision-makers. Think, emails sent from an actual human, and content that helps people solve their specific problems.

It’s a really effective strategy for businesses with a known customer base, defined target personas or verticals, complex sales cycles, and high-value accounts they want to nurture. Customers are increasingly demanding more personalised interactions and services, and ABM helps you position yourself as a strategic partner.

Account-based marketing enables you to improve your targeting, so you’re not wasting money and time on scatter-gun sales and marketing efforts. It can boost ROI, accelerate sales cycles, keep key accounts warm, and enhance your channel relationships.

As outlined above, an ABM campaign starts with selecting the target accounts, developing personas, creating personalised content and messaging, multichannel outreach, performance analytics, and ongoing optimisation.

With ABM you get defined parameters to measure success and see results. We benchmark engagement rates, pipeline acceleration, CLV, revenue attribution, and ROI so you can assess the effectiveness of our efforts.

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