Website development

Putting mobile broadband users in control of their connectivity with an online platform

Bespoke API development
Payment gateway integration
4-week turnaround
The client

Data Topups

Pneuma, a leading UK supplier of telecoms solutions, works in partnership with universities across the UK to provide students with mobile broadband connectivity. Data Topups was formed as a sub-brand that would bridge the gap between their mainly B2B business and students.

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The challenge

Building a site to put students in control of their connectivity

Mobile broadband is a popular alternative to fixed-line broadband. So much so that some universities hand out SIM cards to students who live off campus, or struggle to sign up to 12-month connectivity contracts with the big telecoms providers.

However, students using the SIMs have no way to check their remaining data, and no way to buy more when they run out. Pneuma needed to put students in complete control of their data usage.

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The solution

Crafting an entirely new brand and website around users

Starting with just a name, we created Pnuema a new consumer facing sub-brand that would tap into the student market. Then, we designed and built a bespoke website that allowed users to check their mobile data usage in real time, and securely top up their allowance anytime, anywhere…. All in just four weeks.

The breakdown

Delivering a delightful user experience


With nothing but a name to go with, Pneuma needed the full works for this project. We started with several rounds of thorough research, covering the market, their competitors, and potential users.

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Initial brand concepts

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Brand assets

Building the brand

Next came building the Data Topups brand: we crafted their key messages, positioned the brand, and determined their personality and values.

After that, we started generating their visual and verbal identity through copywriting, logo design, photography and typography.

Digital development

Last but not least came the digital development stage. We crafted a seamless and delightful user experience, designed their UI for both mobile and desktop, developed their entire website, built them a bespoke API, setup a payment gateway, and handled all the prototyping and testing of the service.

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Responsive Website Design

The result

“A polished solution that went above and beyond our needs”

Through creating the Data Topups brand and launching the website, we brought convenience, confidence, and complete control to the students who use Pneuma’s mobile broadband.

For the Data Top Ups project, there was a ton to do in a very short amount of time. We needed a slick front-end interface inline with a new consumer focused brand, integration into payment gateways, and API integration into our supplier environment.

F6 Agency accurately took our requirements, expertly managed the project from start to finish and delivered a polished solution that went above and beyond our needs. We look forward to working with F6 on further projects, and we highly recommend them to anyone who needs creative and technical marketing expertise!

Chris Romeika

Operations Director, on behalf of Pangea Connected and Pneuma