Reflecting on a Stellar Marketing Year. And Diving into 2024

Reflecting on a Stellar Marketing Year. And Diving into 2024

Reflecting on a Stellar Marketing Year. And Diving into 2024.

As this month is named after Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings, we’re kicking off the year with a look back over the milestones we’ve achieved with our clients in 2023, and thinking about what’s coming up in 2024.

At F6 Agency, we’ve always believed in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in marketing and advertising. And this past year proves it’s not some lofty ambition – it’s a reality.

2023 has been a pretty remarkable journey working with our customers (in particular, with our Telecoms customers). But our achievements extend beyond the Telecoms Channel. As a dynamic marketing and advertising agency, we’ve embraced challenges across a range of diverse industries, each time proving that our strategies aren’t just versatile; they’re also highly effective.

Success built on insights and strategy

Our dedication to strategy backed by impactful insights has always set us apart. It’s an approach that’s also consistently driven significant ROI for our clients.

In 2023 alone we:

Doubled attendee numbers year-on-year for a key annual event
Boosted a key mailing list by 26%
Captured 72 leads from one event
Increased engagement on organic social by 88%
Supercharged Google Ads click rate by 110%
Bagged one client 6 prestigious industry awards in the UK and US
Bolstered the email marketing open rate by 63%, and CTR by 95%

These aren’t just numbers. They’re evidence of the time we take to understand our clients’ unique needs, and the skill we pour into crafting tailored campaigns and content that deliver tangible results.

‘I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the phenomenal team at F6, who played a crucial role in the success of our recent merger project. Their professionalism, talent, and dedication to delivering excellence is truly impressive.’ (Senior Marketing Manager, TalkTalk Business Wholesale)

Creativity that packs a punch

Creativity is at the heart of our work. We know that in a world cluttered with content, shouty click-bait, and soulless AI-generated copy it takes more to stand out than simply being different.

It takes a willingness to spark ideas. To approach projects from new angles. To bring a fresh perspective to the way brands tell their stories.

We’re proud of the exceptional creative work we’ve delivered for clients this year that not only grabs the target audience’s attention but also resonates. This potent blend of strategic thinking and creativity is why we hit the mark. Every time.

Like the work we did for TalkTalk following their merger with Virtual1. They came to us for:

Messaging that would reassure existing partners and entice new ones
Stunning new visuals to encapsulate a sense of momentum and direction
Heaps of collateral for all levels of the campaign

Our client chose the FutureConnect 2023 event to launch their rebrand. And it was a roaring success – bigger attendance than previous years, a seamless introduction of the new brand, and a whole lot of excitement generated for their future.

‘We didn’t have to spend time explaining the terminology or our strategic business goals. They took everything in their stride and acted as a true partner, showing us the path to success and how we could achieve those goals.’ (Chief Product and Marketing Officer, TalkTalk Wholesale Services)

This potent blend of strategic thinking and creativity is why we hit the mark. Every time.

Pulling together, oar by oar

As we’ve described in this post on our team building rowing day, when it comes to working together we’re not afraid to push ourselves. In all our work we’re constantly looking to develop our skills – not only to champion and support our clients but also to keep growing as a team.

This collaborative approach extends to our relationships with clients. We work with you as strategic partners, using our insights and experience to create bespoke marketing plans underpinned by your business needs.

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Looking ahead: building on our success

And we’re not stopping here. So, what does 2024 have in store for us at F6 Agency? Our goal is clear: achieving even greater success.

With a bigger team and a relentless focus on pursuing excellence, we couldn’t be more excited about driving growth and standout results for our clients.

That means staying on top of the continuously evolving marketing landscape and maximising the opportunities created by AI and cutting-edge technologies. These powerful tools are already reshaping how we understand consumer behaviour, personalise experiences, and create impactful campaigns.

We’re excited to see where we can take these innovations – and your business – next.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency that will make more happen for you this year, get in touch.

Here’s to an outstanding 2024!

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Candice Cunliffe

Managing Director

Our MD and founder, Candice blends strategic marketing and business development support to help owners and marketing managers grow their business.

She’s ensured businesses of all sizes have made tangible returns from their marketing—from netting a £1.44 million return for one of the UK ’s top network operators, to supporting a budding tech startup’s revenue growth from £33k to £6m+ in just five years.

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