F6 – The Story

F6 – The Story

What started as The White Design Agency in 2011 has now become F6!
F6 is now a full-service advertising and marketing agency that merges imaginative ideas with business knowledge, creative execution and a passion for all things digital.

Why the change? – We believe that change and progress are both good. They keep us on our toes, they refresh and enhance creativity and they also enable radical thinking.

Here’s a fun fact for you: in web language, the colour White is defined as #FFFFFF. Therefore, F6 represents White’s metamorphosis in a digital-oriented age.


In the past 3 years we have grown immensely and F6 came as a solution to our rapidly expanding business. We were after something edgy, bold, with a contemporary twist that is in line with the creative work that we execute. Our designers had the enjoyable tasks of doodling versions of what they believed the F6 look should be. It seems that most of us shared the same vision and idea of brand progression, which comes to show how in tune with the company culture we all are here at F6. This synergy of minds is what drives us to create exceptional work for our clients.


As we carry on growing, F6 will represent our ethos and values better.

F6, our brand overhaul, aims to serve the purpose of The White Design Agency in a modern, digital space. At heart, our strong values stay the same, but we have embraced change and we are aiming higher than before.


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