Going viral: The shift from traditional to digital media marketing

Since the rise of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s, businesses have shifted their marketing focus from traditional media (i.e. print and television) to digital media (i.e. websites, email, and social media). Digital media has provided brands with the ability to share video, graphics, photos, and audio and allows the digital minded consumer the ability to gather information in a way that is tailored to them.

Although digital media shares many of the same functions of traditional media, there are many differences that exist between the two in terms of the relationships between users and the information put out by brands.

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Increasing organic traffic, the UX & UI difference, and media consumption motivations: Coffee Break 21-07-17

Happy Friday! This week we’re giving you inside advice on websites—from how to increase your website’s organic traffic, to translating what UX & UI actually mean. Lastly, we’re rounding up with the four main motivations for online media consumption to help you get those conversions.    

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Defining service design, and the future of online searching: Coffee Break 28-04-17

Join us for our weekly round-up of what’s got us talking around the coffee machine. This week we’ve been thinking about what the future of online searching means for brands, and why taking the time to design your services in a user-centred way could win you more business.

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How many CTAs is too many, quality over quantity in content, and the medium is the message

Happy Friday! This week we’re asking how many CTAs are too many CTAs, whether it’s better to favour quality over quantity in content, and what impact the medium you use to deliver your content could be having on your messaging.


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Measuring customer lifetime value, brand consistency, and choosing a content management system: Coffee Break 17-03-17

This week we’re asking if it’s time to shift customer interaction away from volume and start investing in quality, what consistency has to do with trust in branding, and what you need to know when choosing a content management system.

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