F6 – The Story

What started as The White Design Agency in 2011 has now become F6!
F6 is now a full-service advertising and marketing agency that merges imaginative ideas with business knowledge, creative execution and a passion for all things digital.

Why the change? – We believe that change and progress are both good. They keep us on our toes, they refresh and enhance creativity and they also enable radical thinking.

Here’s a fun fact for you: in web language, the colour White is defined as #FFFFFF. Therefore, F6 represents White’s metamorphosis in a digital-oriented age.


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Comms Dealer October 2014 – ‘Tips on Social Media’ by Candice Cunliffe

Republished with permission of Comms Dealer
First published in Comms Dealer Oct 2014, p.27

Cunliffe aims to turn social media naysayers into staunch proponents of a powerful tool that offers remarkable possibilities.

“There is no denying that social media has been growing significantly in the past years and it will continue to grow in the future” she commented.

“Social shouldn’t be regarded as a waste of time or just something you solely do over a pint in the pub, as there are strong examples of businesses successfully utilising its immediacy and focus as a dynamic, vital and measurable marketing tool.”

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