COMMS DEALER February 2015 – ‘Social Media – Do’s and Don’ts’

Republished with permission of Comms Dealer
First published in Comms Dealer Feb 2015, p.12

We really hope you have enjoyed our series of social media marketing articles. Over the last few issues we have discussed the various platforms and how important they are for a strong presence and business growth in the channel.

This month, we will focus on what you really should and shouldn’t do on social media. While some things might sound like common sense, business growth can at times distract you from keeping your social platforms in check.

Make sure your social media profiles are entirely completed. We have seen many companies, even large corporations, miss out on small and not-so-small details when creating their profile. Would you read a book with a missing last chapter? We wouldn’t, so don’t expect your customers, partners or future opportunities to either.

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