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Periscope Series 2: 10 ways to use Periscope to promote your business and bond with your audience

Periscope Series 2: 10 ways to use Periscope to promote your business and bond with your audience

So you have heard all about Periscope but you are not sure how to use it to benefit your business. This post aims to give you some ideas on how to use it to engage and build your audience. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. If you haven’t heard all about Periscope you can read my previous post ‘Periscope: a starter guide for businesses’.
  1. Take your viewers backstage – Show them premium content that they wouldn’t see otherwise. Take them behind the scenes at events and show them what happens backstage, take them where they are normally not allowed to go. That will make them feel special and fortunate, and they will be excited to see more!
  2. Product & Service demos – The majority of consumers want to know how the product works and the benefits it offers before buying it. Unboxing videos have high view rates and letting people see the product before it’s in the stores could also be a good technique to make your audience want to be the first to buy it.
  3. Trouble-shooting – On Periscope you can answer your audience’s questions about your products or services in real-time and help them solve any problems they may have. Trouble-shooting sessions are a good way of showing that your company cares about their customers and wants them to be satisfied with the product.
  4. News & Insights into your company – The app notifies your followers when you go live, so if you have breaking or exclusive news you can do a Periscope stream to let your followers know first hand and before anybody else. You can also use the app to give some insight into your company and tell them things they couldn’t find elsewhere.
  5. Q&A Sessions – you can host Q&A sessions to interact directly and solve queries in real-time. It is a good way of interacting with your audience and gather insights on what they think, how they feel about your company, brand or product, what their concerns are, etc.
  6. Interviews – Inviting thought leaders or hosting interviews with people from the company is a good way to give your brand and company a personal feel. Consumers like to know who is behind the brand.
  7. Broadcast live events – This will allow people from all over the world to see the event and also shows that your company is active and likes to contribute to world knowledge.
  8. Show and explain how the product is made – Giving some insight into the production process can also help you bond with your more curious consumers.
  9. Show how to use the product – You can do a quick guide to the product showing new or innovative ways to use it, giving examples and explaining how to obtain a better user experience.
  10. Live Workshops – Live workshops are a fun way to engage with your customers and get them involved in the creation of new things using your product. DIY is trending at the moment and there are a lot of ways of taking advantage of it and also get new ideas for the company straight from your target market! For example, if you own a bakery, you can do a cupcake workshop where your audience can ask you about any queries they have regarding the baking or decorating process. You can answer all questions live and then encourage them to post pictures of their creations on different social media platforms to boost your company’s exposure! You can also save the live stream and post it on your website or other social media channels.
  As I mentioned in a previous post, take some time to familiarise yourself with the app, look at what others are doing, especially your competitors, and make sure you have a content strategy in place beforehand!
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