All about branding

In today’s marketplace, a company’s image can be just as important as the product or service it’s selling. Often people underestimate the power of good branding, judging it merely as a design choice rather than an expression of the brand’s personality. A strong, recognisable brand, inspires trust and confidence to the public. There’s nothing more memorable than an iconic brand mark or logo, a specific colour palette associated with your product or a famous name. In terms of personality, your brand is key in expressing the character of your business. A unique, consistent and well-recognised character can make the difference between blurred values and a solid identity. Clever branding is also the best way to address your desired target market – what appeals to your customers; what makes them excited; what will they remember you by? When approaching branding, you shouldn’t think solely about colours and logo, there is much more to it than just visual identity. Good branding subtly expresses perceptions and traits and at the same. Branding is one of the most powerful tools of storytelling along with exceptional content. Showcase your story right from the start. Why fit in when you can stand out? Expressing your business vision, creating a difference, adding value and connecting with people – this can be all achieved through a powerful brand identity that will stand the test of time.
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