Designing interaction: the art of brand storytelling at events

Stefan Sagmeister thought he could be happier. He read books about happiness and spoke to psychologists. He tried meditation, dabbled in cognitive behavioural therapy, and threw back antidepressants. The story of his quest for happiness could have been made into a book. It could have been a webpage. Instead, he told the story through an event—an exhibition called The Happy Show.

The Happy Show forced Sagmeister’s story to be told in a three dimensional space. This idea of storytelling in 3D not only changed the game for how Sagmeister had to think about visual communication, but changes the game for brands who attend or set up their own events too.

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The month of love in advertising and if it’s important, use a GIF: Coffee break 03-02-17

Be our Valentine? Join us for a coffee date where we discuss what makes a great Valentine’s campaign and why it isn’t just about targeting couples. Elsewhere, we’re looking at why people not reading important documents is a design problem that can be solved with GIFs.

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DuckDuckGo, new ways of engaging with your audience, and sonic branding: Coffee Break 20-01-17

Here’s our roundup of what we’ve been talking about this week, including DuckDuckGo’s growing popularity, new ways of engaging with your audience, and why your brand could benefit from an earworm.

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Using customer data for personalisation and how AI can protect your brand: Coffee Break 13-01-17

This week, our discussions around the coffee machine have covered big data and deep learning, from how advances in Artificial Intelligence can tell you if someone’s stolen your logo, to using customer data to craft more enriched and compelling marketing campaigns.

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