Know thy customer: why your strategy should focus on customer experience

Your strategy, whether marketing, business, creative, campaign, or brand, is your game plan. It’s what success looks like and what it’s going to take to get there.

Sure, your strategy will involve how you’re going to target your customers and get those all-important conversions. It will say what you’ll be doing, when, and why. But what if we shifted the focus from what we’ll be doing, to what our customers are doing, when they’re doing it, and why?

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DuckDuckGo, new ways of engaging with your audience, and sonic branding: Coffee Break 20-01-17

Here’s our roundup of what we’ve been talking about this week, including DuckDuckGo’s growing popularity, new ways of engaging with your audience, and why your brand could benefit from an earworm.

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Using customer data for personalisation and how AI can protect your brand: Coffee Break 13-01-17

This week, our discussions around the coffee machine have covered big data and deep learning, from how advances in Artificial Intelligence can tell you if someone’s stolen your logo, to using customer data to craft more enriched and compelling marketing campaigns.

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