Content is King?

Advertising is in the golden age of content creation. People have unlocked their dormant storytelling powers through a world full of creative platforms. Highly polished user-generated content is very accessible and through simple app interfaces, consumers can engage powerhouses of post-production and editing tools that don’t require much knowledge. Hyperlapse by Instagram, VSCO, Vine – all platforms that allow users to create highly intricate and interactive pieces of content. 

On the agency side though, content, for something so talked about, has very little definition. Content should never be expected to take the place of a TV ad, and it never will, but it’s an entertainment-led concept that enriches a brand’s existence.  Read more

Comms Dealer November 2014 – ‘Could Facebook help market your business?’

Republished with permission of Comms Dealer
First published in Comms Dealer Nov 2014, p.41

Facebook can often be regarded as a trivial task that can be done at any time, but there are quite a few reasons why having a presence on Facebook should be taken seriously.

Seeing as Facebook is a platform where everyone shares likes and their interests, you can do the same through your business page. Sharing news, photos and videos will help build relationships, either with potential customers or partners and help showcase your business personality. If the content put across is engaging, these relationships become a source of value and loyalty.

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User Generated Content

Whether it’s a product review, a simple comment on Amazon, a Youtube video or an Instagram picture along with your competition’s hashtag, user generated content (UGC) is everywhere. UGC is, in fact, the dominant form of media at this point in time. 

This type of content represents one of the best opportunities for advertisers, but at the same time one of the biggest challenges too. The main difficulty in approaching an UGC campaign relies in the altered method advertisers have to undertake. The thought of lacking of control is the main factor that causes anxiety for marketers. Instead of a straight-forward message transmission, they have to engage in conversation. Failure to do so carries immense risks, so you shouldn’t approach UGC if you are not confident that continuous community management is your forte. Read more